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For good reason I sell no supplements nor product lines, no weight loss programs and no diagnostic tests. Everything I do is a consequence of the perspective and responsibility gained from years of work in teaching hospitals and research facilities which serve those most ill. My goal is to optimize your long-term health through practical food, relevant expertise, and science. This is done within the accountability of my Registered Dietitian license, the only license which qualifies for the practice of nutrition and dietetics in accredited hospitals of the United States.

Featured in the internationally broadcast TV documentary, "The Incurables"

After many years of using food instead of chemotherapy to reverse my own disease, and decades as a Registered Dietitian, one thing is clear. Even if the perfect diet exists, it's useless if it's not sustainable.  

Decades of work with patients of every diagnosis taught much about treating disease with diet along with what does or doesn't make nutrition education effective. But no classroom, teacher, or job teaches what is learned only through daily practice. I've used an imperfect diet every day for over twelve years, across the USA and around the world, to reverse my own disabling disease. Thirty years of clinical and personal experience have led me to promote food you can find almost anywhere, not supplements. Flexible principles, not product lines. Research, not dogma.  Long-term, not short-term results. Independence, not ongoing expenses.

I make no claim to cures. But clients around the world have experienced significant improvement from autoimmune diseases, allergies, diabetes, arthritis, asthma, reflux, pain, migraines, heart disease, psoriasis and eczema, digestive and thyroid disorders, IBS, anxiety and depression, and more. Results speak for themselves.

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Featured at:  US Oncology. National Public Radio (NPR). National Psoriasis Foundation. Prevention Magazine. Health.com. Acres USA. Health Monitor Network. Austin Womens’ Conference. Whole Foods Market World Flagship & Culinary Center. Worldwide TV broadcasts of "The Incurables". The University of Texas.  3M. Texas WIC. Continuing Education for licensed medical professionals. “Speed Healing” by Rodale’s Editor-in-Chief.  And More.

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