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Photo courtesy of  The Austin Chronicle .

Photo courtesy of The Austin Chronicle.

For good reason, I sell no product lines nor supplements, no package deals nor weight loss programs, no diagnostic tests. Only when my clients get remarkable and lasting results without ongoing expenses am I successful. Everything I do is a consequence of the perspective and responsibility gained from years of experience in teaching hospitals and research facilities which serve those most ill. My goal is to optimize your health through practical food and relevant expertise. This is done within the public safety and accountability of my Registered Dietitian license, the only license which qualifies for the practice of nutrition and dietetics in accredited hospitals of the United States.

Prior to Your Healing Diet, I worked for many years inside hospitals. Starting in 2002, I began to combine what I'd learned about the realities of dietary compliance, hospital clinical experience,  and a scientist’s discerning eye with efforts to combat my own disabling psoriasis. My own story of decades spent trying different medicines without relief is why I am so committed to my work and food as medicine.

For more than ten years I have studied and employed flexible, evidence-based principles for clients and myself. Significant references in my practice and lectures include:

These sources represent some of the world’s most reputable public health institutions, not individuals with a product line.  They publish empirical research, not anecdotal stories. By definition empirical research is research based upon actual observations or experiments using quantitative research methods. Unlike so much of what is touted as “research” in the field of nutrition, the goal of empirical research is to remove subjective opinion and bias.


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Physician Feedback

“My patients have responded with interest and enthusiasm to Deirdre's concise book, lectures, and consultations. One such patient, with a long history of recalcitrant atopic dermatitis, is now beautifully controlled off all prescription and over-the-counter medications. Another has been adhering to the healing foods diet and has experienced a profound improvement in her psoriasis. For the motivated patient, the healing foods diet can provide a safe and effective alternative to pharmacologic therapy.”

– Janet DuBois, M.D.

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Your Healing Diet Feedback

"I recently purchased your book and really feel that it’s the best book of its type. Other books make the prospect of an anti-inflammatory diet seem very daunting, expensive and inflexible... yours is the first that gives real-world, brand-name recommendations for on-the-go meals as well as breaking down what to look for on labels. This really speaks to my lifestyle as I simply don’t have the time to cook three meals a day.”

– Steve in Utah

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